Take on 50k your way.

Our superstar challenge is open to everyone. We want you to go the distance and travel 50 kilometers  in any way you wish. You can run, cycle or swim* 50k for Sands or become a rebel and take on the treble in your own virtual triathlon.

Get sponsored for your challenge and help us on our mission to the moon and back.

Take on the solo challenge

Choose to run, cycle or swim 50 kilometers for Sands. Whether you are a beginner or fitness fanatic it doesn’t matter. You can smash this goal.

Be a rebel and take on the treble challenge

Why not go one step further and become a rebel and take on the treble? Take part in your very own virtual triathlon this year for Sands and travel a combined distance of 50 kilometers from all activities.

man on bike

Should you raise over £150 we will send you one of our mission accomplished medals

Next Steps

Once you have chosen your space Jump, sign up to get your free Sands t-shirt


We love to hear about your Superstar Challenge plans. Please do get in touch and let us know what you have planned or share pictures you have taken by email: fundraising@sands.org.uk 

Or why not tag us on social media and share what you have been doing using #onamission #superstar on: Facebook: @Sandscharity Instagram: @Sandscharity Twitter: @SandsUK


Superstar Challenge is part of Sands Love you to the moon and back campaign. This year we are venturing on a special mission to the Moon and back. The Moon landings were only possible with the support of everyone back on Earth and your support is crucial right now.  This impact of coronavirus has left many families vulnerable and isolated from their loved ones. Demand for our services has soared to some of the highest levels in Sands’ history. Now more than ever, we are determined to make sure we are there for anyone impacted by baby loss. Please help us to raise a pound for every mile of our mission and create legacy of hope and comfort for every bereaved family. Join us so that no-one endures baby loss alone.

We will look for you in the stars, we will think of you in the darkness, we will love you to the Moon and back, and beyond. 


*We know that swimming pools are closed so your swim challenge may need to wait. There are many wild swimming options across the UK should you be feeling brave or why not get creative with your swimming ideas in the meantime.
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