Sadly demand for our Always Loved, Never Forgotten Memory Boxes remains constant and our stock of hand knitted or crochet blankets need to be maintained. These blankets are a very special part of the box as each is handmade and we have been told how much comfort they bring to parents after the death of a baby. The pattern is very simple as can be knitted with or without the lace edging. Please note that for a number of reasons we ONLY use WHITE blankets. Please can you spread the word to family and friends. The pattern can be downloaded below.

Thank you for your support in helping Sands make such a huge difference to the families that receive our memory boxes. We are very grateful for the effort, care and love put into each blanket.

For further information or to be emailed/posted a copy of the patterns please contact Julie on 0203 897 3454 or


Frequently asked questions: Knitting and crocheting blankets for Sands Always Loved, Never Forgotten Memory Boxes


Q: Why do Sands Memory Box blankets need to be white?

A: Sadly there is great need for our Memory Boxes which go to bereaved parents from all walks of life and from different backgrounds and beliefs. So, to ensure that Memory Boxes are appropriate for every baby, we only use white blankets as they are a neutral colour. In some cases where a baby has died early in pregnancy, parents simply do not know the gender of their baby.


Q: Do you accept blankets that are not hand knitted or crocheted, for example fleece?

A: No. We only accept hand knitted or crocheted blankets.


Q: Do you only accept woollen blankets, or can I use a synthetic fibre?

A: We accept wool or synthetic fibres, as long as they are white and the blanket is handmade.


Q: Where do I send finished Memory Box blankets?

A: Sands Memory Box Blanket Appeal, C/O Partridges, Eagle Avenue, Magnetic Park, Desborough, NN14 2WD. Please include your full contact details so that we can acknowledge receipt.


Q: I’d love to knit a blanket, but I don’t know how. Can you help?

A: Knitting a blanket for a Sands Memory Box blanket is a great project if you are starting to knit. There are many useful online videos which are made specially for beginners. Search online for “How to knit”.


Q: I can’t knit but would love to contribute in some way. What can I do?

A: If you aren’t a knitter or crocheter then you can still help by donating white double knitting wool - please contact Julie at 0203 897 3454 /


Q: How else can I support the work Sands does?

A: There are loads of ways you can get involved to help us support bereaved parents, improve the care they receive and help us ensure that fewer babies die in the future. Find out more.