Dr Clea Harmer

Chief Executive

Clea joined Sands in July 2016 and is passionate about the importance of peer support and in enabling parents to make the decisions that are right for them. 

Clea’s background in Higher Education and medicine has shaped her belief in the importance of using research to create positive change. With growing public awareness of the issues surrounding stillbirth and neonatal death, and a national commitment to reduce the number of babies dying, Clea is dedicated to fulfilling Sands’ potential to make a real difference for parents.

Kea Horvers

Interim Director of Operations

Kea has over 20 years’ experience of working in senior leadership roles across the health, education and not for profit sectors. She is responsible for the national delivery of all Sands direct services and programmes for parents, families, and professionals working with those whose baby has died. Kea is an active trustee on several boards and has special interests in human rights, ethics and equality. She is committed to improving bereavement care and to ensuring that anyone affected by the death of a baby has access to the appropriate support.

Danyanne Quemper

Director of Finance and Resources and Company Secretary

Danyanne joined Sands in January 2015 with a background in finance, corporate services and charity governance which she brings to her role at Sands as well as significant experience in leading and delivering complex change strategies to ensure long-term organisational sustainability. Danyanne has a special interest in prevention strategies and is committed to Sands’ objective of saving babies' lives by linking research outcomes with best practice.

Erica Stewart

Bereavement Support and Awareness Specialist

Erica got involved with Sands after the death of her baby Shane in 1983, and has worked here since 1997. Her role has many functions: she offers dedicated support to bereaved parents and families who contact Sands. She also provides back up to other Sands teams to build staff confidence in dealing with bereavement issues. Additionally, Erica raises awareness of Sands and its services by public speaking to a  diverse range of audiences. She is an advisor on TV dramas and books where the death of a baby is the subject or storyline. Erica has been a qualified counsellor for over 10 years and draws on her skills and knowledge in her role at Sands.

Cheryl Titherly

Improving Bereavement Care Manager

Cheryl joined Sands in February 2015.  She leads a committed team working collaboratively with healthcare professionals and other organisations to improve the bereavement care experienced by parents when a baby dies. The Improving Bereavement Care team provides skills-based Bereavement Care training and evidence-based resources for professionals working in this difficult area of care. Prior to Sands Cheryl provided bereavement support with the Lullaby Trust and Antenatal Results & Choices, where she also managed and delivered the training programme for healthcare professionals.

Janet Scott

Research and Prevention Lead

Coming from a background in refugee charity work in the UK, Africa and Asia, Janet has led Sands’ Research and Prevention team for over a decade. As a mum of three she has varied experiences of maternity services. The team authored two influential reports in 2009 (Saving Babies’ Lives) and 2012 (Preventing Babies’ Deaths), laying out a strategy for reducing perinatal mortality in the UK and putting stillbirth reduction at the centre of NHS maternity care and onto the political agenda. The team works extensively with leading researchers to seek answers about why babies die and develop new interventions to save more lives.

Carolyn Bray

Fundraising and Events Manager

Carolyn leads our highly dedicated and committed Fundraising team who are responsible for supporting our valued and inspirational fundraisers and supporters. Carolyn first got involved with Sands shortly after her daughter Rebecca was stillborn at term in 2002 and has worked for Sands since 2004.  She has fundraised and campaigned on a local level, and is currently the local Hospital Liaison contact for her local Sands group.  Integral to the inception of the UK’s Baby Loss Awareness campaign which was set up in 2002, she is committed to raising the devastating and life-changing issues surrounding baby death and this still taboo subject.

Richard Craig

Networks and Volunteering Manager

Richard joined Sands in January 2015 and manages the Groups Team. He has over 10 years’ experience in the charity sector including managing befriending projects and teams of volunteers. Sands groups are the key to the organisation’s success, and the Groups Team provides support via network co-ordinators to over 100 Sands groups in networks across the UK. The team also supports new groups to set themselves up and runs training for our many hundreds of volunteer befrienders.