A post-mortem (also called an autopsy) is a medical examination to help understand the medical reason for why your baby died. A healthcare professional who knows about the post-mortem process will talk with you about your options of having a post-mortem and can answer any questions you have.

You might also find our booklet 'Understanding why your baby died' helpful.
what is a post mortem

What is a post-mortem?

You will find more information about post-mortem examinations here along with what the consent process entails and what different types of post-mortem there are.
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post mortem animation

Parent-to-parent animation

The Parent to Parent Post-Mortem Authorisation animation is designed to help families understand what a post-mortem is. It was created together with the charity Held In Our Hearts.
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If there are delays

If there are delays

We know that delays to post-mortem reports have increasingly become the norm. We have created a simple template letter to support you in communicating with your hospital(s) if there are delays.
Letter template
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