Take on Ribbon Run 2021 for Sands

Sands’ virtual 5k Ribbon Run is taking place on the day of the Global Wave of Light during Baby Loss Awareness Week, Friday 15 October 2021.


Complete 5km at home, at the gym, at your local park or on the roads. No matter how or where, run 5k during Baby Loss Awareness Week. We're asking you to take part on Friday 15 October but if you can't make that date, complete it another day during Baby Loss Awareness Week. 

Sign up today and receive your FREE Ribbon Run t-shirt. Sign up by 27 September and we can guarantee your t-shirt arriving by Baby Loss Awareness Week. 


By taking part in Ribbon Run you will help us to continue breaking the silence around baby loss. Your support means we can continue to raise awareness of baby loss, provide support to anyone affected by the death of a baby and prevent more babies from dying. No parent, family member, friend or colleague should face baby loss alone and with your help, we will always be there for them.

Run your 5k in memory of your own baby or babies, a friend’s or colleague's, or dedicate your run to all the babies that have gone too soon. 


Get your school involved in Ribbon Run 

This year, we’re inviting schools to host their own Ribbon Run between 9-15th October.  Find how to get your school involved here.

Want to take it to that next level?

  • Dress up in pink and blue, or even dye your hair! 
  • Run a 5k every day of Baby Loss Awareness Week
  • If there is a place that has a special meaning to you or someone you know whose baby died, you could choose to finish your Ribbon Run there. 

Baby Loss Awareness Week

Now in its 19th year, starts on 9th October and ends on the 15th October, with the global Wave of Light at 7pm (local time).  

Find out more about Baby Loss Awareness Week.  

Any questions?

Please do read through our FAQ's below but if you can't find the answer you're looking for please do contact our fundraising team by emailing teamsands@sands.org.uk 

When is Ribbon Run

Ribbon Run is during Baby Loss Awareness Week which is 9 - 15 October 2021. We are encouraging our participants to do their Ribbon Run on Friday 15th October which is the same day as the Global Wave of Light. But if you can't do it on the Friday you can of course do it any other day that week. 

Do I have to run?

Ribbon Run is completing 5km your way. You could run, walk, push, roll, jog or skip. Whatever suits you! 

We did think if you're getting into running, you could us this as your goal to run 5km non stop. Or if you've been walking for a while, why not step it up and try and run 5km on this day during Baby Loss Awareness week. 

Where can I take part in Ribbon Run?

Ribbon Run is a virtual event. So  you can complete your Ribbon Run at home, at the gym, at the park or up a mountain! Wherever you want to take part it's up to you. You don't have to log it, you just have to make sure you complete your Ribbon Run during Baby Loss Awareness Week. But we would encourage you to take part on Friday 15th October as part of the final day of Baby Loss Awareness Week. 

How do I sign up?

You can sign up by clicking here. You will be taken to the registration form which will take you step by step through the process. It is FREE to take part and receive a Ribbon Run t-shirt and if you want a medal as well after BLAW you can pay £5 during the registration process. 

How much is it to take part?

It is FREE to take part and receive a Ribbon Run t-shirt. If you want a medal after your Ribbon Run is finished we would ask you to pay £5 as part of the registration process. Just select 'Sign up and receive Ribbon Run t-shirt and medal' here

Do I have to fundraise?

It is not essential but we would love it if you can support Sands and fundraise during your Ribbon Run. During your registration process a fundraising page will be created for you. This will be emailed to you. 

I can't find the link to my fundraising page

It will be sent to you as part of your registration process, make sure to check your Junk inbox. If you can't find it in there, email teamsands@sands.org.uk and we can help you. 

When will I receive a medal?

If you paid £5 during the registration process you will be sent your medal after Ribbon Run which will be from 19 October 2021.

Can I fundraise on Facebook or JustGiving?

We would encourage you to use your Enthuse fundraising page created for you during the sign up process but if you really don't feel comfortable using it then yes of course you can. Your support means so much to us so thank you for deciding to fundraise for us. 

Will I receive a Ribbon Run t-shirt?

Yes, everyone who sign ups receives a FREE Ribbon Run t-shirt to wear during their Ribbon Run. Anyone who signs up after 27 September may not receive their t-shirt in time. If you sign up after 27 September we will be unable to guarantee arrival of your Ribbon Run T-shirt if you are planning on doing your Ribbon Run during Baby Loss Awareness Week.

Can I sign up as part of a team?

Yes! That's great you would like a team to be involved. When you sign up, during the process there will be an option to 'Create a team'. At that point follow the steps and you can either sign everyone up then, or invite them to sign up and join your team. 

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