We are so sorry that your baby has died or that you have been told to expect that they may die soon. Few experiences can compare to the trauma and pain of losing a baby. Sands is available to provide support for as long as you need it and to guide you through this difficult time, we have put together Sands Bereavement Support Book.  

You may have found out that your baby has already died and you could be waiting to give birth to them or perhaps your baby has died or is expected to die shortly in neonatal care. You could also have chosen to end a pregnancy for medical reasons or be expecting to do so soon. Whatever the circumstances, we recognise that this is an extremely sad and distressing time. We hope that you find the information in this book helpful both now and in the future.

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You do not need to read this book in order. Each section is colour coded so you can easily find sections that are most relevant to you, you can open a PDF of each chapter by clicking on the images below. If you would like to share a particular section with a relative, friend or an employer, you can download individual PDFs. You can also order one from our shop.

BSS-book-website-image Sands-Giving-birth-to-your-baby Sands-Information-and-support-for-partners Sands-Remembering-your-baby Sands-Understanding-why-your-baby-died Sands-Neonatal-Care-And-End-Of-Life Sands-Ending-A-Pregnancy-For-Medical-Reasons-TFMR Sands-Saying-goodbye-to-your-baby Sands-Supporting-children Sands-Physical-and-emotional-challenges Sands-Returning-to-work Sands-Information-and-support-for-relatives-and-friends Sands-The-days-weeks-and-months-ahead Sands-Thinking-about-having-another-baby About -Sands

Easy to read chapters

Preview of easy to read chapter Giving Birth To Your Baby Preview of easy to read chapter Information and Support for Partners Preview of easy to read chapter Understanding Why Your Baby Died Preview of easy to read chapter Saying Goodbye To Your Baby


Due to the generosity of our supporters and those who tirelessly fundraise for Sands, we are able to offer this publication free of charge to bereaved parents and to anyone affected by the death of a baby.

We now offer our Bereavement Support Book translations in Arabic, BengaliFrench, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Urdu, UkrainianSimplified Chinese and Welsh languages.

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