We campaign across the UK to raise awareness of the issues relating to stillbirth and neonatal death, obtain widespread commitment to reducing the number of babies dying, and ensure the right care and support is available at the right time after the death of a baby.

We hold the Government to account, for example by monitoring and analysing available data on the numbers of babies dying and tracking this against national targets.

Find out about how we are doing this and how you can support us below.

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Current campaigns

Ask your local NHS chief executive to ensure staff can attend vital training

When a baby dies, nothing can remove their parents’ pain and grief, but good quality bereavement care can make a huge difference at the time and to their long term well-being. 

Shockingly, our recent survey found that less than half of NHS trusts and boards across the UK make this training available to healthcare professionals providing care for parents following pregnancy loss or the death of a baby, and only 12% are given time during working hours to attend.  

This isn’t good enough.  

Staff deserve to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to offer the best bereavement care they can, and they shouldn’t feel unprepared because they have not been able to access adequate training.  

This year for #TogetherWeAreSands, we’re asking our supporters to contact their local NHS Chief Executive and ask them to support their staff to attend vital bereavement care training.  

Take our action today to help make a difference. 

Call for an Enquiry

A huge thank you to everyone who emailed their MP during Baby Loss Awareness Week 2021, we are delighted that the additional confidential enquiry we were asking for will go ahead! A really important step in reducing inequalities and saving babies lives. 

Crucially, this enquiry into Asian and Asian British baby deaths will run and report at the same time as an enquiry into Black and Black British baby deaths. This is an opportunity to make real headway in ensuring that all lessons are learnt, and preventable deaths avoided. Potentially saving hundreds of lives every year - had stillbirth and neonatal death rates for Black and Asian babies been the same as for White babies, 432 fewer babies would have died in 2019 in England and Wales. 

Find out more in our news update.

Working with others to influence change

We work in partnership with other organisations and networks to pool our collective knowledge and resources to make a bigger impact.

Sharing evidence

We gather feedback and information from bereaved parents, professionals and health services to inform Government policy and support practice.

We recently submitted evidence to the Health Select Committee Inquiry in to the safety of maternity services in England. Bereaved dad, Darren also gave evidence.

Baby loss awareness week

Every year during Baby Loss Awareness Week (9 to 15 October) we work with over 70 other charities to influence policy to improve bereavement care, and reduce baby deaths. Last year, Nearly 7,000 people took our #BLAW2020 actions about partners being excluded from pregnancy, maternity and neonatal services due to COVID-19, despite updated NHS guidance.

Read more about BLAW campaigning here.

Pregnancy and Baby Charities Network

As a member of the Pregnancy and Baby Charities Network, Sands has worked collaboratively with 21 other organisations over a number of years to influence policy in order to address inequalities and improve outcomes across the country.

Read more about the network and download our Manifesto here.

All Party Parliamentary Group on Baby Loss

Founded in February 2016, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Baby Loss brings together MPs and Peers from across parties to work on this vital issue.

The APPG’s overall aims are to develop policy that supports families dealing with the grief and loss of a baby, and to raise awareness of what more can be done by the government, Parliament or other agencies to help those affected.

The APPG officers are:

  • Co-Chair: Jeremy Hunt MP
  • Co-Chair: Cherilyn Mackrory MP
  • Vice-Chair: Patricia Gibson MP
  • Vice-Chair: Sharon Hodgson MP
  • Vice-Chair: Sarah Owen MP
  • Vice-Chair: Helen Morgan MP
  • Vice-Chair: Angela Crawley MP

Read more about the APPG here.

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