How your company can help

Thank you for choosing to support Sands. Our team has years of experience working alongside businesses and companies to transform the pregnancy and baby loss sector. Together, we will raise more funds and awareness to make the UK the safest place in the world to have a baby, and to give every family the support they need, for as long as they need.

This is just a snapshot of how your support enables Sands to provide free services to those who have experienced tragedy. Whatever your fundraising goal, you and your colleagues will make a huge difference.

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Corporate Partner Hub

No two partnerships are the same. Find out more below on how you can help us in our mission to save more lives or get in touch with our team at

My workplace has chosen to support Sands. What happens now?

Thank you for nominating to support our cause. In simple terms, raising funds and awareness is the aim of the game. If you would like to arrange an introductory call or meeting please contact us on or complete this Registration Form and we will in touch with everything you need to get started!

Donating a % of your sales

Your business has the power to make a positive impact, whatever you do and whatever your size. We've made it easy for you by taking care of the legal requirement that is needed when you want to donate a proportion of your sales to charity, leaving you to get on with what you do best.

Why is our partnership so important?

We want to make this partnership a success and there’s no greater legacy than working together to make your company one of the best places to work. We deliver expert Bereavement in the Workplace training to provide information and guidance by trained professionals, leaving you and your colleagues with the tips and techniques for a safe and supportive environment following loss, and improve the long term wellbeing of all your staff.

To find out more about our Workplace Training, please see here.


I’m unsure how much money my workplace would be able to raise in a partnership with Sands.

Don’t worry – every penny counts and we are here to help! Consider whether you are fundraising by exclusively asking colleagues to get involved or are there opportunities for customers and clients to join in on the fun? Some of our partners design bespoke jewellery, artwork, stationery and host giveaway competitions, whilst others raise funds from events.  If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, our team can work with you to build a bespoke event from galas and exhibitions, to bike rides and treks.

What activities do you suggest for my colleagues?

Activities including dress down days, bake sales, quizzes and sweepstakes, are all popular and simple to coordinate. Or if you’re an adrenaline junkie or prefer sporting challenges, we have a variety of activities that will appeal to all. Please follow this link to see what’s on offer:

We also recognise that the current environment is still changing with many of your colleagues potentially working from home, hybrid-working, office working or remote. Sometimes it’s a case of virtual scavenger hunts and breakout rooms!

What fundraising equipment can be provided?

Both physical and digital resources can be provided, including buckets, banners, badges, leaflets – note that it usually takes 5 working days for items to be delivered. We kindly ask that all unused/empty equipment is returned by our corporate partners, following the end of your fundraising. A return address is available upon request. 

Can we use Sands’ logo and branding?

Our corporate partners are provided with our ‘Proudly Supporting’ logo and charity blurb, which you may use on your website(s) and any promotional activity linked to our partnership and your fundraising events.

How can I pay in the funds raised in my workplace?

We can provide you with our BACs details. Simply contact us at

Alternatively, you can Donate to Sands. Please ensure that you include your Company Name in the relevant field so we know that the gift is a contribution towards your partnership.

How can I raise funds online?

Sands would recommend setting up an online fundraising page with Enthuse, it’s a fantastic way to collect all your fundraising in one place. Throughout the partnership, you may opt to put on different events, or fundraise with different teams. That is absolutely fine – all you need to do is create a new ‘Team’ via your Enthuse Page. You can set up as many Teams as you want to represent all your different events and collections, whilst your main page serves as a great leader board for your overall partnership. Set up your Account here.

How does Sands acknowledge our support?

No two partnerships are the same, so we thank our wonderful supporters on a case by case basis. Whether it’s a cheque presentation, personalised ‘thank you’ video, bespoke impact report or meet & greet, we would love to celebrate your successes. By sharing your stories and photos, we will be able to shout out on our social media channels too!

Can you attend a cheque presentation or event?

We would love to meet as many of our supporters as possible depending on location and continuing impact of the pandemic. Where it is not possible or advised to meet physically, we have been able to meet virtually and develop event opportunities so that anyone can take part, no matter where they are.

Sands is a national charity with a local presence. How do you invest our fundraising?

Sands is committed to ensuring every parent, family and healthcare professional has equal and quality access to support no matter their postcode, income or ethnicity. We are so grateful to all our supporters who fundraise so that we can invest into our infrastructure and services, allowing Sands to distribute our free resources and accredited helpline to every local community across the UK.

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