On the 20th July 1969, the world watched in wonder as Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. Going to the Moon and back was a journey full of challenges and at Sands we know what it means to face such a journey. Today we are inviting you to come on a very special mission to the Moon to help ensure everyone affected by baby loss isn’t alone in the darkness. Please come with us on this giant leap for Sands.

More than 40 years ago that mission changed the world. And for 40 years Sands has not only changed lives, but helped save them. But our mission continues. 

Sands is venturing on a special mission to the Moon and back. The Moon landings were only possible with the support of everyone back on Earth and your support is crucial right now. Please help us to raise a pound for every mile of our mission and create a legacy of hope and comfort for every bereaved family. Together we can take thousands of small steps to show the world how much every baby is loved.   



From the darkness of space, the astronauts looked back at the Earth, small and beautiful, floating in silence. They were alone and thousands of miles from their world as they once knew it, but everyone back on Earth was watching and waiting for them. 

Only the astronauts know what it was like to go on that journey into the emptiness of the space between the stars. The experience forever changed them, but their stories and the knowledge they brought back from the far side of the Moon has helped all of us better understand what it was like for them out there. 

When a baby dies, every parent leaves their old life behind and begins a journey into what can feel like complete darkness. At Sands we walk with people, to offer support, to shine a starlight of hope and help everyone find a way through. 

This year has been very tough for us all, and the impact of coronavirus has left many families vulnerable and isolated from their loved ones. Demand for our services has soared to some of the highest levels in Sands’ history. Now more than ever, we are determined to make sure we are there for anyone impacted by baby loss. Join us on this important mission and together we can follow in Neil Armstrong’s footsteps to the Moon and back to make sure no-one endures baby loss alone. 

Below are some of the fundraising activities suggested by mission control but alternatively why not choose your own galactic challenge to support Love you to the Moon and back.

Superstar Step Challenge

This March, we are inviting all children to come on a very special mission with Sands on our Superstar Step Challenge. 

Children can participate by stepping or wheeling towards their target (we're suggesting 5,000 or 10,000 steps in a single day), collecting sponsorship and then tracking their steps on the day as they shoot for the stars. 

Get your pack here.

Space Jump

Its a challenge for all, big or small.

This school holiday take part in Space Jump for Sands and organise a sponsored jump, hop or bounce to raise vital funds to support bereaved families.

Your jumping challenge can be anything you like so long as you have a spring in your step! Whatever you age or ability you can join in. Let’s bounce.


Star for Sands

Create, Donate, Nominate

At Sands we know the importance of remembering the babies who touch our hearts and that have left us far too soon.  Please make and share a star to remember those babies who are no longer here but forever in our hearts. 

 You can make a star in anyway you like. Bake, knit, paint or draw. There is no limit to how creative you can be with making your star.

Once you have created your star text STAR to 70450 donate £5 or click on the donate link above and then nominate 5 friends to do the same and create a star for Sands. 

Starscape of remembrance and hope

Please dedicate a star in our Starscape of remembrance and hope to your loved one and ensure that they continue to shine brightly in the night sky and can be found in the twinkle of the stars.

Dedicate a star


We will look for you in the stars, we will think of you in the darkness, we will love you to the Moon and back, and beyond.

Once you have chosen your challenge for Love you to the moon  and back please  sign up. All those who take part will get a free Sands t-shirt and a medal  on completing their challenge.


We love to hear about your Love you to the moon and back plans. Please do get in touch and let us know what you have planned or share pictures you have taken by email: fundraising@sands.org.uk 

Or why not tag us on social media and share what you have been doing using #onamission on: Facebook: @Sandscharity Instagram: @Sandscharity Twitter: @SandsUK

Share Love you to the moon and back with others

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