We are pleased to announce that Sands Awareness Week is 17-23 June 2024. The week is a time to engage with people right across the Sands community and beyond on topics and subjects which mean so much to bereaved parents and their families.

The theme this year is Finding the Words

Together, we can help everyone find the words to talk about pregnancy and baby loss. Our Finding the Words campaign is part of our aim to break the silence around pregnancy loss and baby death.

By giving everyone the confidence to sensitively start a conversation with someone who has had this experience, however long ago, we can all play our part, so no one feels isolated or alone.

We know that talking to someone about pregnancy loss or the death of their baby can sometimes feel difficult. But bereaved parents tell us that when friends, family and colleagues reach out and connect, it lets them know they aren't alone with their grief. 

I remember the people who reached out, even if it was awkward or clumsy, more fondly than those who ignored me.

Dale, bereaved father

This Sands Awareness Week through our Finding the Words campaign, we'll be sharing advice and support so more people can start those important conversations. We'll be updating this page in the lead up to, and during the week. In the meantime, if you haven't already sign up to our newsletter to ensure you receive the latest updates and news. 

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