London Marathon Blog Post
London Marathon Blog Post, | 15 April 2019

I'm Clare and I'm from West Sussex

After Alice died I had incredible support, I don’t know how I would have survived without such caring people around me. When the worst happens, it’s vital that parents receive the support they need, which is why I’m running to raise money for Sands. Running helps me cope with grief and I always wanted to take on a big challenge in memory of Alice so here I am training for the London Marathon…

The long training runs are tough, physically and mentally.  Different parts of my body ache at different times, I couldn’t feel my toes for three days after a 20 mile run!

I’m looking forward to the atmosphere, all those people with their own story and personal reasons for running will be inspiring. I have to admit, I’m also looking forward to the finish line, post race junk food and lots of rest.

I'm hoping to raise £2000 and hope to run under 4:45


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