London Marathon Blog Post
London Marathon Blog Post, | 15 April 2019

My name is Chantelle Mynard and I’m from Folkestone Kent, on the south east coast.

I chose Sands as my charity this year because I have recently had 2 friends that have needed neonatal services and 1 of whom gave birth to a stillborn baby boy in August last year. This was absolutely heartbreaking news. My friend and I were going through our pregnancies together so it was so tough to hear and see her going through such heartache whilst I still was pregnant with my son. I can’t begin to explain how incredibly proud I am of how strong her and her family are. She is an amazing person. Little Noah was full term but unfortunately didn’t make it due to complications. 

My just giving page is:

My biggest challenge whilst training has actually been fitting it in around my 2 boys (2year old and 4 months old) and the long runs have been especially tough. I usually run with my mum (she completed London and Brighton marathon with me in 2015&2016) so to do it this time on my own has been hard. A few exhausted tears have been shed at the end of those runs! 

I think the thing I’m looking forward to most at the marathon is that final part of the run down the Mall and the incredible crowds there that get you through it! The atmosphere in London on Marathon day is incredible. 

I set my target at £500, I’ve been doing a few small fundraising activities and I have my just giving page.

I’m hoping to complete in under 4 hours.. even if it’s 3:59:59secs 😂 

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