If you or your partner are pregnant after pregnancy loss or baby loss, this is likely to be a time of many emotions and heightened anxiety. You may have many questions about what will happen. 

Your maternity team is there to make sure you and your baby have the care you need. Your and your baby’s wellbeing will be their first priority. 

Talk to the maternity staff about any worries you may have, including when you just need reassurance. They understand that this is an anxious time. 

Your maternity notes can be marked with a  Sands teardrop sticker to alert all the staff involved in your care to your pregnancy history. Tell your midwife about the stickers if they don’t already have one. 

If you have any immediate concerns about your baby’s or your own health, it’s important you contact your maternity team straight away.  

Make sure you know who to ring in different situations and have all the numbers handy - ask your midwife if you don’t already know. 

Remember Sands is here to support you. We also have general information about pregnancy after a loss which you may find helpful.

Sands - Thinking about having another baby

Thinking about having another baby

Bereavement Support

One of the questions that you might ask yourself after the death of a baby is whether you will ever...

Information you can trust

Our Safer Pregnancy website has good, straight-talking, general advice for all pregnant women, with tips on staying healthy and reducing possible risks. 


  • I’m not in an antenatal group - are there other parents like me I can talk with? 

    Sands online forum has a group for bereaved parents in a subsequent pregnancy. Some of our local support groups also offer sessions specifically for bereaved parents in a subsequent pregnancy. Your local support group can tell you what is available in your area.


  • Will I have special care during this pregnancy – I’m scared things will go wrong again? 

    It’s important that you continue to attend all your scheduled antenatal appointments, so you have the care you need. 

    Your maternity team should be familiar with your history and make sure your care takes that into account. If you are worried or unhappy with your care, talk to your midwife or doctor. Don’t be afraid to speak up, ask questions, or share concerns. You can use Sands Helpline to talk about any concerns, call free 0808 164 3332 or email helpline@sands.org.uk 


  • I’m worried about my baby’s movements  

    If you think your baby’s movements have changed or slowed down, ring your maternity team straight away. Don’t wait until the next day. Your maternity team can advise you about what to do so they can check your baby’s wellbeing.  


  • Will I have a choice about which maternity unit I give birth in? 

    This will depend on how maternity services in your local area are organised. If the choices available are inappropriate for you, speak to your midwife or doctor and tell them about your concerns.

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