Teardrop sticker, sands

Our Teardrop stickers can be used to identify the notes of a mother whose baby has died, both in the time following the death and during subsequent pregnancies. The sticker alerts staff and ensures that everyone involved in the care of the bereaved mother is aware of her loss and does not inadvertently say anything that could add to her distress.

The death of a baby at any age or gestation can have long-term effects on the whole family. Teardrop stickers can also be used on GP notes, not just on those of the mother, but also those of the father and of their other children. Grandparents may also be profoundly affected by the loss and may appreciate having their GP notes marked.

The person's consent should be obtained before marking their notes. The sticker should be put in a prominent place, preferably on the outside cover. Stickers should not be placed on hospital beds or doors. 

As well as downloading Teardrop stickers, you can order them from our Shop

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