For everyone at Sands, and every one of the charity’s supporters, it’s no secret that 17 babies are stillborn or die shortly after birth every day in the UK.  Yet awareness of the issues surrounding baby death and this terrible statistic isn’t widespread.  Sands awareness month (June) is a chance for us all to do our bit, no matter how small, to make people listen; to highlight the fact that ‘17’ babies will die today, and to raise vital funds so that Sands can continue to support, research, and improve. 

If you would like to help raise awareness and vital funds, why not use the number 17 as touching inspiration?  You could even hold you event on the 17th June.

Here are 17 ideas to help inspire you:

  1. The 17 cake bake - sell your tasty treats to raise money for Sands. Decorate your cakes with the number 17, or sell batches of 17.
  2. 17 mile sponsored challenge – walk, run, cycle, swim 17 miles; a mile for each baby who will die that day.
  3. Give out 17 ‘About Sands’ leaflets – spread the word!
  4. Have a bring and buy sale and encourage everyone to bring 17 unwanted items to sell or invite 17 friends to take part
  5. Fly 17 kites for Sands and have a competition as who can keep their kite in the air the longest (you could even decorate them with the number 17)
  6. Knit 17 blankets for Sands
  7. Wash 17 cars in your neighbourhood (for a fee)
  8. Hold a 17 hour sponsored silence
  9. Hold a sponsored abstinence – give up chocolate or something else you love for 17 days this month
  10. Hold a treasure hunt with 17 clues and everyone pays to take part
  11. Offer to do a friend’s ironing - 17 items for £17
  12. Discover how many pennies it takes to make a 17metre line (and then donate them to Sands)
  13. Raffle a hamper containing 17 items
  14. Hold an auction of 17 promises
  15. Paint 17 faces for £1.70 each
  16. Organise a teddy bear’s picnic for 17 bears and their owners
  17. Ask 17 friends to buy and wear a Sands teardrop badge to work on 17th June.

Let your imagination run wild. Just don’t forget to let us know what decide to do!  Anything you do, no matter how small, really makes a difference. From raising money, to raising vital awareness, everything is significant.

Know what you want to do? Register your fundraising with us and we'll send you everything you need to support your event.  For more ideas about how you can get involved with Sands awareness month this June and to obtain a fundraising pack, contact the fundraising team at or call 0845 6520 448.

Thank you for your support.