The results of Listening to Parent,  the first national survey of bereaved parents ever undertaken, will be presented at the Maternity and Newborn Forum at the Royal Society of Medicine on the 9th April.

Listening to Parents surveyed around 700 parents to understand the experiences of individual women and their partners about the stillbirth or death of their baby in the neonatal period. The work was led by a team at the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit (NPEU) in Oxford with the support of Sands and baby charity Bliss, and its aim is to improve care for families in the future.

The one day meeting on 9thApril will involve presentations of the findings, putting these into context with up-to-date perspectives from lead health professionals in the area of maternity and neonatal care. Sands Chief Executive Neal Long will be giving his response to the survey as will Andy Cole, CE of Bliss. The meeting will be useful for health professionals including midwives and nurses specialising in this area of care) as well as other support groups.

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