On the 28th August 2016, I got the worst news I could ever possibly imagine. I'd lost my beautiful little girl at 31 weeks! I'd gone in for reduced movements and they failed to find a heart beat. I had my Isla on the 1st September, it was both the best and worst day of my life. So beautiful and peaceful! I spent 3 nights with my daughter and I will cherish the memories and time we had together for the rest of my life.

It's a pain no mother or father should have to feel and there are no words to describe the pain and struggle everyday. Six months on it still hurts me every second of every day and there's not a second I don't think of her. Hope she's up there with all the other butterfly and angel babies!

Although it's hard I try to think of the good things, like the memories of bathing her, dressing her and being able to sleep with her in my arms. Though the time spent together was a lifetime too short I'll treasure it forever.

There is no foot print too small that it doesn't leave an impact on the world.