Have you been affected by stillbirth, or do you know someone who has had a stillbirth? Or are you a health professional involved in the care of parents experiencing stillbirth? If so, the International Stillbirth Alliance (ISA) invites you to complete a survey of your views and experiences. The same survey is being used in many countries, so your answers will help show how the UK compares internationally, and what contributes to good and bad experiences of care. (This ISA survey is different from the Stillbirth Priority Setting Partnership survey carried out earlier in 2014 – that work will be completed in early 2015 and we look forward to sharing the results with you.)

The survey follows on from the 2011 landmark Lancet Stillbirth Series, a collection of academic papers written by clinicians and researchers in ISA. Sands’ Janet Scott, Research and Prevention Lead, contributed a paper describing the devastating impact of stillbirth on a family. The Lancet Series was so important because it provided an opportunity for the leading individuals working to reduce stillbirths to say ‘this isn’t good enough, we can and must do much more’. In the UK, it was the Lancet Series that highlighted how little our stillbirth rate had changed over the preceding decade, in contrast to some other countries that seemed to be successfully lowering their rates.  

“These papers, like no other Lancet Series before, have triggered a remarkable response not just from academia and organisations, but also from the public” Lancet Series editors, 2011

There are three separate surveys. If you would like to contribute to this study, please complete the survey that fits your experience of stillbirth.