It takes a while to start to say,
How I feel for you in my heart today,
It’s oh so hard to put into words,
I feel so much love, yet so much hurt.

So many questions, so many why’s,
So many days I’ve sat and cried.
But I remember to be thankful too,
For every second spent with you.

Precious days or weeks or months,
I stood so proud, my bump out front,
And Daddy was so excited too,
About all the things he could teach you.

To lose a child that no-one met,
Is still unspoken in this “great world” yet,
It’s just not common to pause and say,
I wish my child was here today.

Or when a stranger asks – “Are you a mother ?”
You want to say – “Yes I am, just not like others”
You want to say your babies name,
To give the story, to tell your tale.

That you had to give heaven an angel back,
That your soul is broken because of that,
That every time you see a baby,
Your head asks why and your heart says maybe.

Why is it that’s its not ok,
To declare a status like this today
“We’re angel parents actually,
Our baby was here, you just didn’t see..

.. You didn’t hear the heart beat strong,
But- we heard it, our babys song,
You didn’t see their little face,
But we saw it, everything perfect in its place,

You didn’t feel our baby kick,
Your didn’t know the names we picked,
You don’t know how we feel today,
You don’t know, because we don’t say” 

To everyone sat here today,
Who misses their child in their own way,
The numbers of days ,weeks or months don’t count,
Over time the sadness just mounts.

It’s very hard not to be bitter,
“He should be here” or “I should be with her”,
But heaven needs its angels too,
And between us all, we’ve given quite a few.

Angel babies born asleep,
Too precious for the earth to keep,
Angel babies born alive,
Went to heaven with open eyes.

To everyone sat here today,
Lets remember them in a special way,
Always wanted, forever loved,
It’s ok to say “My child is above” 

It’s ok to cry and it’s ok to talk,
Something can follow you, that never even walked,
Some people dream of angels, and know of angel charms,
But you have carried angels, and held them in your arms.