National reports, publications and projects relevant to reducing perinatal mortality

Sands has been closely involved in important work to reduce the number of babies dying.

Ending Preventable Stillbirths 2016 The Lancet’s follow-up to its highly influential 2012 series of papers, which ranked the UK’s stillbirth rate a shocking 33rd out of 35 similar countries. The 2016 series looks at progress since 2012 and includes work (funded by Sands) on the costs and impacts of stillbirth

MBBRACE-UK: perinatal surveillance and confidential enquiries MBBRACE-UK undertakes government-funded work to collect hospital data on all baby deaths in the UK. The annual perinatal surveillance reports highlight areas for improvement. The confidential enquiries look in depth at specific groups of babies to understand what can be done to reduce deaths. MBRRACE-UK is a collaboration of researchers, clinicians and charities, including Sands.


MBRRACE-UK 2018 surveillance report


This year’s report collects information on babies who were born in 2016 but died either before they were born or...

MBRRACE-UK report response, MBRRACE, Sands

MBRRACE-UK 2017 'surveillance' report


This is the third year MBRRACE-UK has been reporting. This year’s report collects information on babies who were born in...

Each Baby Counts The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists’ Each Baby Counts programme aims to reduce the numbers of babies who die or are brain injured because of something that happened during labour. Sands is on the Independent Advisory Group. In 2016, we contributed ‘top tips’ for including parents in hospital reviews of their baby’s death. 

Each baby counts, labour related harm

Each Baby Counts reports on labour-related harm


Each Baby Counts (EBC) is a national project from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG). It aims to...

Better Births: improving outcomes of maternity services in England Better Births reports the findings of the 2015 National Maternity Review. This was carried out by an independent panel, which included Sands in the last four months. The recommendations are now being implemented through the NHS England Maternity Transformation Programme.

Saving Babies’ Lives Care Bundle Developed with input from Sands, NHS England’s care bundle identifies four areas of improvement for maternity care aimed at reducing the number of avoidable deaths.

Spotlight on Maternity: contributing to the Government’s national maternity ambition This 2016 guidance document from NHS England lays out the approach to achieving the Government’s national ambition to halve baby and maternal deaths by 2030.

Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology The Royal College develops and updates guidelines for clinicians on a range of aspects of maternity care and produces information leaflets for the public.

NHS Choices on stillbirth prevention These messages were developed by Sands in collaboration with health professionals and other charities.

Public Administration and Accounts Committee (PASC) inquiry into NHS complaints Sands contributed to this influential PASC inquiry, quoting feedback from parents about their experiences of the complaints system. The new Health Safety Investigation Board is one outcome of the inquiry.

Kirkup report into maternity care at Morecambe Bay This vitally important report shines a spotlight on the multiple failures of the maternity care delivered in the Morecambe Bay Trust and the investigatory system that failed the bereaved parents. The lessons are relevant across the UK.

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