7 years have passed on the 6th of May
When the Angels came calling for you to play
You gave us pride and such tearful joy,
Baby Kyle forever our little boy

In our darkest hour of pain and sorrows 
You gave us hope through glittering Rainbows
It paints our journey  onto the clouds above
Silent words sketched with love

At the beginning the agony burns  Red,
Your world is collapsing into an ocean of pain and dread 
Nothing makes sense as the stars turn black
Trapped in a mind that is about to crack

Yellow comes next with a glimmer of light,
Making precious memories with our Angel of the night
Lips so gentle you kiss softly too
Cupping little fingers that grasp onto you.

Anger starts to fade into a special pink glow
A miracle in progress as the clock begins to slow
Waterfalls of bittersweet tears will flow
As we have to eventually let you go

And so next we have an Aurora Green
Reminding us through the pain how lucky we have been.
Incredibly proud of our little boy Kyle,
Throughout our grief you gifted us a smile

Gently I carried you to sleep by the purple Heather,
That surrounds your resting place forever and ever
The sun shone bright and the sky sparkled blue
On the day we whispered goodnight to you

Orange was the hope that burned a fiery glow
We grasped your memory tightly forever so
Collecting in our hands The broken pieces of our life,
No longer cutting us to the bone like a knife

One fateful night we looked into the sky so blue,
A heavenly message was being prepared by you
Crafted with brotherly love across the horizon it shone so,
For you sent Granny not one but a double Rainbow

That was when you announced your sister was on her way,
To wipe some tears and scatter those clouds of grey 
Through our little girl your memory lives
She is surrounded by the love we know you give

7 years we have gazed into the stars at night ,
Hoping to see you paint the galaxy bright
Amelie is forever talking about you,
Just how much she loves her big bro too.....

And I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, Daddy sings a Rainbow too xxxxxxx