Wednesday 11th October I didn't feel my baby move as I used to so I went to the midwife and told her what was happening. She put the heartbeat monitor on my stomach and as soon as she did you could hear my little babies heart beat so everything was fine.

By Friday 13th October i was having bad pains which i thought was Braxton Hicks so i went to my boyfriend's and the pain was still happening. At 8 that night my plug went, I watched a bit of telly and went to bed at 10 then i was asleep till 11 and woke up with really bad pains which made me cry and it lasted till half 7 Saturday 14th October, so I woke my partner up and rang the hospital. I told them what was happening as I thought I was in labour, so they told me to come down. So me and my boyfriend caught the bus down to the hospital and arrived at 10:30.

I got to the maternity ward and the midwife told me to lay on the bed where she had monitored my baby's heartbeat and as soon as she put the monitor on me there was no heart beat. From that moment I knew something weren't right so she took me and my boyfriend in to a little room where a doctor came and did an ultrasound.

He couldn't find no heart beat so he had to get a second opinion, so another doctor came and checked for a heart beat and I went straight into shock when I saw my boyfriend's face I had to ask him whats wrong and he told me our little baby has passed away.

My heart melted, I then rang my mum told her what happened, she broke down. By 7 they induced me then at 12 i was getting really strong pains so they took me my mam and boyfriend in to the delivery room where they done the epidural which didn't have a chance to work cause my waters broke half way through it. So by 1 i was in labour.

Then at 4:21am Sunday 15th October my baby Logan Sam Harman was born.

I have never seen someone so beautiful, all my friends said their goodbye then me and my boyfriend had our chance to say goodbye.

I had to stay in then till the following day cause my blood pressure was high but when Monday came they took me off the machines and the peeing bag and i peed on my own, my blood pressure went back to normal and i was allowed home, but it was so hard that i weren't bringing my Logan home with me, so me and my boyfriend went back to mine because we couldn't be apart. Then on the 13th November we laid our little Logan to rest, it was the hardest thing i had to ever do. I miss him truly everyday, i just thought it wouldn't never happen to me. I was 38 weeks pregnant when i lost Logan, 11 days before my due date. It's truly hard everyday knowing I'm never going to cuddle my baby again.