I never thought that I'd be here today, 
I never thought that things could go this way, 
This simply wasn't part of all I'd planned, 
However hard I try I just don't understand,

No first words and no first smile, 
No first steps for you my child, 
You'll always be newborn and innocent.

And I cry,

For the people that we'll never be, 
I cry for the future that we'll never see, 
I cry for the part of us that died with you, 
I cry for all the things we'll never do.

You were the most perfect thing I've ever seen, 
Lying there so utterly serene, 
A noisy baby you will never be, 
Just lying in perfect tranquillity. 

You brought us so much joy through all your life, 
You joined us down the aisle and danced for us at night, 
You loved to hear mummy and daddy sing, 
We played for you and you gave us joy in everything.

Our happiness could flood the earth, 
Our love given form by your birth, 
I hope that with our lives we can, 
Celebrate you, firstborn angel Jam.

written by Jam's dad, Joel