Start a new Sands Group

We are very grateful that you are interested in starting a new Sands Group.  Before you get started, please be aware that a year or more must have elapsed since your baby died and you will need to:

What’s involved?

  • Starting a new Sands Group can feel a daunting process, and we aim to provide support for you along the way. To find out more please contact our Groups & Training Coordinator:
  • Your first step would be to read all about setting up a Sands Group – our Groups & Training Coordinator can send you more information on this.
  • Have a chat with our Groups & Training Coordinator once you are sure there are no Sands Groups nearby and you are sure that you want to go ahead.
  • Find others to help you set up a Group and arrange to meet.
  • At least one person needs to train to be a Sands Befriender.
  • There are various other steps to starting a Sands Group, which we can discuss. It is realistic for it to take at least 6 months to reach a point where you are ready to hold your Group’s first support meeting.
  • All new Sands groups receive two days of New Groups Training; Part One before your group has started, and Part Two a year later. Your local Sands Network Coordinator will stay in touch with you on a regular basis to advise you on setting up and running your group.
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