Decide how you can #Challenge14 with us this January!

14 babies die before, during or shortly after birth every day in the UK. We challenge you to take on #Challenge14 and take on 14, your way.

You could take on 14 miles, 14 laps or 14 challenges over 14 days. However you choose to #Challenge14 you’ve got January and February to complete your challenge and raise at least £150 for Sands.

By taking on #Challenge14 you will make a difference to the lives of families affected by baby loss, raise awareness of the fact that 14 babies die every day in the UK and help reduce the number of baby deaths in the UK.

Be part of #Challenge14 and make the numbers matter.


Why your fundraising matters

#Challenge15 was created two years ago to challenge the appalling fact that 15 babies died each day. But thanks to fundraisers like you, supporting the work we do, Sands has played a crucial role in helping reduce the number of babies dying each day to 14. This number is still too high, but we are making progress and you can join us continue to #Challenge14! Find out more about the impact your #Challenge14 will make.

Challenge 14, challenge yourself


Get inspired! Over the past two years hundreds of fundraisers have challenged themselves each new year and taken on the challenge in their own way. 

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Remember this challenge is about challenging 14 in your own way, whether that's taking on a particular distance like 14 miles or 14km or taking on a new yoga class every day for 14 days. However you decide to take on 14, it's your challenge, your way. By raising £150 for Sands you will help us continue to #Challenge14 and work towards reducing this number further.


Sign up now and tell us what you're going to be doing. Make a difference and do something incredible this new year!


Downloadable fundraising resources


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Any questions?

Contact the Sands Fundraising Team today at e: t: 020 3897 6092

Or head to the Challenge14 FAQ's by clicking here


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