The Rapid Resolution and Redress (RRR) scheme is a proposed scheme from Department of Health England dealing with investigations and litigation claims when a baby suffers severe, avoidable harm at the end of pregnancy.

Following a survey of bereaved parents, Sands is submitting a response to the government consultation on the new scheme. The summary of our response is available to view or download below.

If you would like to give your views on the scheme, you can do so by visiting the RRR consultation webpage and following the links. The consultation closes at 11:45 on 26th May 2017. 

Rapid Resolution and Redress, Sands, response ,Department of Health, England, consultation

Rapid Resolution and Redress, Sands response to the Department of Health (England) consultation

Our work
We very much welcome the objective to reduce harm by encouraging a learning culture. We have a number of points...