We published Footprints several times a year. Each issue contains personal experiences and poems written by families after their precious babies have died.

It takes courage to write down emotions that are so raw but it can help with the healing process too. By sharing our feelings and how we cope in the aftermath of our babies’ deaths we can often help lessen the sense of isolation and loneliness felt by other parents and families.

Each issue of Footprints is beautifully laid out but is small enough to fit in your bag. Issue 2 is now available from the Sands online shop and costs just £3.00.

Though each person’s grief is unique we will often share common thoughts and emotions that will enable readers to identify with some part of the experiences. If you would like to share your story or poem with us please contact personal.experiences@uk-sands.org. Stories and poems should be sent to us electronically at this email address either as Word attachments or an email and should be a maximum length of 2500 words. We are very grateful to the families that share their stories and poems.