Liz Thornton
Liz Thornton, Sands | 21 February 2020

Alongside our partners, supporters and volunteers across the UK, we're a team of caring, highly skilled staff working to support anyone affected by the death of a baby, improve bereavement care and fund research to save babies' lives. In this series of blogs, you can meet members of our team, hear about why they chose to work for Sands, and what inspires them. The charity is divided into different departments, which work closely together to provide a lifeline when a baby dies. 

Meet Liz Thornton, Sands United Fundraising & Relationships Manager

What does your day to day job involve?
My role is to manage Sands United and within that support the existing teams, encourage new teams and of course develop the product to ensure its growth both in terms of the unique type of bereavement support it offers and income generation for Sands.
What do you find most rewarding? 
I love how enthusiastic and passionate volunteers can be. They have some great ideas and I enjoy finding a way to translate their ideas into products and ways of working that can benefit both them and the charity.

What is your proudest moment in your career? 
In 2018, as I stood on the start line of the inaugural London Landmarks Half Marathon watching 10,000 runners take on 13.1 miles for 102 charities (and raise over £4 million in doing so), I realised just how much of an impact Tommy’s had had on mass participation events in the charity sector (LLHM is organised by Tommy’s for the benefit of many charities)…and it blew my mind! I felt incredibly proud to be part of it.

What do you love most about Sands?
I love working with such a talented, passionate, committed, innovative and remarkable team of colleagues who are willing to take on new challenges; who are always approachable and who will always support each other to get the best possible outcome for Sands and those affected by baby loss. I felt very welcome from the moment I first stepped through the doors at VCC.
What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I attempt to play netball - I’m a GK (classic tall girl position…especially as I can’t shoot!); run a little but a sprained knee ligament last summer has meant I’m currently back at 'couch to 5km' level and I recently joined a choir…lower those expectations though, it’s called The Tuneless Choir and our t-shirt slogan is ‘singing like no one is listening’!

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