London Marathon Blog Post
London Marathon Blog Post, | 18 April 2019

My name is Amy and I am from Gloucestershire.

I am running for Sands Charity to thank them for the support they gave my sister and her partner when their baby Jesse (my nephew) was born sleeping on 30th August 2018.

They provided her with an amazing Sands trained midwife (named Jesse - also our late great grandmothers name) and a memory box and support during a very sad and traumatic event.

Sands also supported a good friend of mine several years before this and we are very grateful for the work your charity does.

I was lucky enough to achieve an entry via good for age and decided I wanted to run for a charity so after chatting to my sister she suggested Sands. My fundraising target has been as much as I can get and I am hoping to hit £800 after all donations come in.

My biggest challenge throughout the training has been a big exacerbation of my chronic asthma which is still a bit of an issue unfortunately. I have had asthma since childhood and although a regular runner I struggle with winter training and my last marathon was in the summer for this reason. I started my training plan late so have only done about 10 weeks training, but I still hope to achieve between 350 to 4 hours depending how the day goes. Mostly I want to enjoy even if I end up walking I don't care. 

I have always wanted to run London and I am excited about taking part in the event but a bit nervous about all the people and the portable loos.

The attached photo is me at Gloucester 20 mile road race in March 😊


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