London Marathon Blog Post
London Marathon Blog Post, | 17 April 2019

Louise Daly ( Tigger ), York

My wonderful best friend and her hubby had been going through IVF treatment and were lucky enough to get pregnant. I was living out in Muscat at the time so received regular pictures of the growing bump and my beaming friend. Her pregnancy went really well and we were coming towards the end of it, planning, buying and very much looking forward to the birth of Megan.

I was on a plane travelling to Bahrain to visit my husband and as we landed I turned on my phone to see 5 missed calls from Vix. There’s not much we don’t know about each other and so for whatever reason, I knew something was wrong. I walked through passport control and I could see my hubby waiting for me. The look on his face confirmed that there was indeed something very wrong. Vix couldn’t get hold of me so she’d called Edward. I just stood in that airport for a very long time unable to move. What I saw over the coming days, weeks and months was just raw grief and the incredible pain parents go through in having to give birth and then bury their beautiful baby Megan.

Viki and Colin received so much love and support from Sands and this is my small way of saying thank you to you all for being there when my bestest friend in all the world needed you the most. The very least I can do is train hard, raise money and turn up on the 28th April. Megan will keep me going, she’s kept me at it all winter.

My biggest challenge while training has been the winds! Running where we live has been fantastic in terms of hill endurance however I have almost been taken off my feet at times. Also, the transition from 15 miles to 18 miles was a tough one!

I am just so excited to be a part of this amazing event – what am I looking forward to most – finishing and having the medal around my neck.

My target is £4,300 and I'm aiming to run under 4hrs 30


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