40 stories for #Sands40
40 stories for #Sands40, | 25 June 2018

As part of Sands 40th anniversary this year, we will share 40 stories by 40 parents, family members and friends affected by the death of a baby. Starting in June to coincide with Sands Awareness Month and our #FindingTheWords campaign, we aim to show the sheer number of people who are affected by the tragedy of a baby’s death, help other bereaved parents to understand they are not alone and raise awareness of the issues surrounding stillbirth and neonatal death. Visit our 40 stories for #Sands40 to view other blogs in the series.

Here is my story of the loss of my son.

This year should be a big milestone for my third born George. He would have become a teenager!

But sadly that was never to be.

I was 23 weeks pregnant. I had a three year old daughter and 18 month old son.  

I had a bad feeling something was wrong. The movements had stopped. I was so scared.

I went to the hospital with my then husband and two children when I was told that my baby had no heartbeat and he had passed away.

I was devastated. My world had crumbled in an instant.  

I was induced the following day and that evening at 21.24 and gave birth to my beautiful little boy George. Born silently and fast asleep.

He was perfect in every way.

I held him close for ages.

My beautiful baby boy. 

Precious in every way.

I will never forget that summer's evening on Monday 11th July 2005 when I had my angel.  

Five years later I gave birth to my rainbow baby Henry George. 

Forever in my heart.

Forever loved.

Photo: Emma Bazeley's son, George. 

Emma Bazeley, George

15 babies die before, during or shortly after birth every day in the UK. We want to reduce this number, but we need your help. Support #FindingTheWords initiative now to help ensure a bereaved parent doesn't have to cope alone. Thank you. 

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