If you're holding an event to mark Sands 40th anniversary, or simply want to show your support, please download the materials below. 

Show your support for #Sands40 on social media

Look out for our posts on social media and share what you are doing to mark Sands 40th anniversary using hashtags #Sands40 #40yearsofsupport #TeamSands

Sands, 40th anniversary, Social media profile picture 2

Social media profile picture 2

40th anniversary

Help raise awareness of babyloss and Sands by changing your social media profile picture for our 40th anniversary.


Download tools for your #Sands40 event

Sands, print your own bunting

Print your own bunting to mark Sands 40th anniversary

40th anniversary

Download and print special bunting for a Sands event to highlight our 40th anniversary.

Press release template for groups - Sands 40th anniversary

Press release template for Sands groups

40th anniversary

If you're holding a 40th anniversary event, download this template press release to use when contacting media. For support, email...

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