“I cherish my daughter’s memory box and would like to thank Sands for enabling the hospital to provide it. The hospital staff put the photos in the box along with the blanket that had covered her, her knitted hat and the wires that had monitored her heart – all the things that had been close to her. A hand and footprint and a tiny piece of hair were also included when the midwife gave us our daughter’s memory box”. Mum

Offering to help parents create memories and collect keepsakes is one practical way to support bereaved parents. Depending on their baby’s gestation or age, parents may want to collect, for example, photographs, imprints of their baby’s hand and foot, a lock of hair, scan pictures, a name band, clothes or a shawl, certificates and other mementoes. Many hospitals offer parents a Sands memory box to keep their mementoes in.

Sands memory boxes contain, among other things, two small teddy bears, one that parents can place in their baby’s coffin and the other for them to keep.

If you represent a hospital, please visit our shop to buy memory boxes.
If you are a parent and have not received a memory box from your hospital please contact our London office (0207 436 7940 or info@sands.org.uk ) and we will be able to supply you with one.