Tiffany MacMillan - Kiltwalker and fundraiser for #TeamSands
Tiffany MacMillan, Kiltwalker and fundraiser for #TeamSands | 20 March 2020

Tiffany is taking part in Kiltwalk 2020 to raise funds for Sands and has shared her story with us.

  • How and when did you become aware of Sands?

On 1st September 2019 my first baby, our precious son Finn, was stillborn. He died before he made his much awaited entrance into this world.

Before Finn was born we were unaware of Sands and their research work to help reduce the number of babies that die; and the support they provide for families in our situation.

This is one of the main reasons we are fundraising for Sands. It’s not only about the money raised but also the awareness that we will bring to the charity. 

  • Why did you choose to take part in The Kiltwalk?

I decided on The Kiltwalk because a friend had completed it last year and I know she raised much awareness for her chosen charity.  Also, the additional 50% that is awarded to Sands is a massive bonus for any charity. 

  • How are you training for The Kiltwalk?

My husband and I are walking in Finn’s memory and we are training each week by building up our walking distances and the different surfaces we cover. We have also improved our diets by including more fruit and vegetables in our meals. 

  • Would you do it again?

I would do it again, but I haven’t yet completed the walk. I'm looking forward to the challenge ahead. 

  • If you could say one thing to someone who was thinking of doing The Kiltwalk and fundraising for Sands, what would you say?

Please do it. It’s a well known charity walk and with your help we can raise so much awareness of the great work Sands does.

The money will be used to support grieving families and fund much needed research into why babies are still dying which in turn could help to save many babies’ lives in the future. 

Please think about doing this great walk for Sands which has now become a massive part of our lives. 

Join Tiffany and take on a Kiltwalk this year - Sign up today to be part of #TeamSands.

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