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The Fundraising Team, Sands | 30 May 2019

My name is Laura Elliott, and I am mummy to Jack Steven Elliott. Jack was born sleeping on April 19th 2019, at 3.24am, which truly has been the worst time of our entire lives.


Jack was born at Basingstoke Hospital in their bereavement suite, under the care of the most amazing midwives. Jack truly is the most beautiful baby boy, and it truly was love at first sight. Spending time with Jack and making memories that were suggested in the Sands support pack - such as taking photos, has given us the most valuable items we now own, as well as photos of our gorgeous boy - and that is all thanks to Sands.

When Jack's heart stopped we were given a support pack provided by Sands which has given myself, husband and family so much support, by using the information provided to help guide us. Having it before Jack was born, allowed us time to think about what we wanted when we met Jack. It has allowed us to understand our grief and realise how we feel is completely normal. It has supported us with planning our baby boy's funeral and also how to speak to Jack's older sister Amy. It was a tricky situation as Amy is my husband's daughter, my step daughter, so we needed a reference that myself, husband and Amy's mum could all refer to.

Sands gave us that information and support. It has allowed us all as a family to understand the best ways to approach certain situations and how to deal with them. Sands has been our lifeline.

Only a few days after Jack's birth we decided to set up a tribute to him on the website MuchLoved. We dedicated this website as a memory to Jack, and decided all donations would go to sands in Jack's memory.

So far on that tribute page alone we have raised £1777.50, and the incredible thing about that website is that it lasts for eternity, it will never close. Myself, husband, family and friends will continue to donate funds on specials dates for Jack, and will continue to raise for sands. We wanted to give something back, and have discovered a passion for ensuring Jack has a legacy. We want him to be remembered and we want in his name to help sands fund vital research, raise awareness and support other families suffering this horrendous nightmare.

After Jack's funeral had taken place I decided as jacks mummy that I wanted to do something for Jack and sands. Foll owing this I have decided to take part in #challenge15 during the month of June, and have so far raised over £180. 

I will be walking 15 miles over the month of June to raise further funds in memory of Jack, for Sands. Again this has given me a focus, it has given a grieving mother a reason to get up out of bed, and has allowed me to take the smallest steps in helping myself. Knowing there is a tremendous charity such as Sands who need my support has helped me focus and want to raise as much as I possibly can.

Myself, husband and step daughter are also taking part in the big fun run, in Southampton in August, and this will also be in memory of Jack, and all that is raised will be donated to Sands.

I will never be able to thank this wonderful charity enough for what they have done for us, however I truly hope this helps, as honestly what they do is fantastic.

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