London Marathon Blog Post
London Marathon Blog Post, | 18 April 2019

I'm Emily from Bristol

Two of my friends have had stillborn babies and, through them, I've seen the impact that a baby's death can have on the parents and siblings involved. 

I was lucky enough to get a ballot place in the marathon and wanted to turn that good fortune into something positive for other families like my friends.

My biggest challenge while training has been fitting it all in!  At times I've been out pounding the streets of Bristol in the dark at 5.30am or 9pm just to keep up with the mileage required.

I'm most looking forward to the atmosphere!  I grew up in Woolwich, really close to the marathon route, and have watched several friends and family members compete.  It's such a special race.  But I'm also looking forward to not training anymore once I've finished!

I hope to raise £500. I don't want to set a time and then be disappointed if I miss it.  I'll genuinely be happy just to finish!

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