40 stories for #Sands40
40 stories for #Sands40, | 6 March 2019

As part of Sands 40th anniversary, we have collected 40 stories by 40 parents, family members and friends affected by the death of a baby, helping them cope and feel less isolated in their grief. These stories are powerful in helping us end the taboo of talking about baby loss and raise awareness of stillbirth and neonatal deaths. Discover 40 stories for #Sands40 

Having already had a straightforward, low risk pregnancy with our daughter who is four, I had no idea a baby could die in the womb when they are healthy and are showing no signs of being in distress.

At 38 weeks and five days pregnant, I realised my baby had been fairly quiet that evening.

I had already heard her heartbeat on the Doppler that day at hospital so I had no reason to worry.

But I know as well as every other expectant mother, if you're concerned, you have to get checked straightaway. 

When the midwife couldn't find my baby’s heartbeat, I just assumed she was new to the job or just wasn't sure what to do.

But when the doctor scanned me all of their faces stayed the same with a look of complete shock.

He said: “I’m sorry, but there's no heartbeat.”

I shortly realised I was going to have to deliver my daughter who had already passed away, something no mother should have to do.

Abbie Helen Watson was delivered two days later on 18th February 2018 and was completely perfect.

We spent two days with Abbie before being discharged. We later found out she suffered a loss of oxygen as the placenta failed to provide for her. 


Kristen and Abbie
Picture: Kristen and baby Abbie.

Sadly 1 in 4 pregnancies in the UK end in miscarriage or stillbirth. This means every 90 minutes a family experiences this devastating tragedy.  We want to reduce this number, but we need your help. 


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