Sands 40th anniversary
Networks & Volunteering Team, Sands | 13 September 2018

Name - Graeme Joiner

Which group associated with/role: Independent fundraiser (Scotland near Banff & Buchan Sands)


Carolyn Bray, Fundraising and Events Manager, said: “Graeme has been fundraising in memory of his daughter Lily who died at birth in April 2009. Graeme and his friends organised a sponsored bike run from Dyce to Peterhead (38 miles along the Buchan line) and raised in excess of £23k. ‘Bike Run for Lily’ was repeated in 2011 and raised another £27k. In addition, with other fundraising activities from bake sales to 10Ks, over the last 9 years they’ve raised in excess of £68,000.


Graeme said: “We lost our daughter Lily at birth on 3rd April 2009. We were introduced to Banff & Buchan Sands for support after our loss. Since then we have organised bike runs, ran Edinburgh 10k, organised local bake offs and various other events. In all we have raised just over £70,000 for Sands and intend to continue organising more events to support the charity in memory of our daughter Lily.”


Q and A with Graeme

What motivates you to stay involved?

Knowing that money raised goes towards further research and hopefully able to cut the numbers of babies stillborn, also knowing that lots of other grieving families are receiving help.


Does anyone in your life play a role in supporting your involvement? In providing inspiration?

My wife and I have fully supported each other throughout, along with lots of help from friends and family on several occasions/events.


In your opinion, what is the most important work that Sands does?

Being able to highlight the figure of stillborn babies daily as people are unaware of this tragic figure until they experience it themselves.


Of what contribution or achievement are you most proud?

My wife and I are proud of all achievements and events we have organised.


What do you hope Sands will achieve in the near future? In the long term?

Continued research and hopefully the number of still born babies reduced dramatically.


What other organisations or causes do you support?

GOSH monthly contribution, any local charities looking for sponsorship/help.



Graeme has been nominated as part of 40 volunteers for #Sands40. Join them at Sands 40th Anniversary Conference on 17th November 2018 in Glasgow. 

Sands is marking its 40th anniversary this year and we would like to say thank you for the incredible support and contribution that our dedicated volunteers make across the UK to support bereaved parents and anyone affected by the death of a baby. 

We will host an awards ceremony during the Sands 40th Anniversary Conference to celebrate the wide range of volunteering involvement in Sands and acknowledge 40 volunteers for their dedication and commitment. 

Volunteer nominations for 2018 are open and we invite you to nominate individuals or teams of volunteers. Please contact to find out more and to make your nomination.

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