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The Fundraising Team, Sands | 15 March 2018

Check out the rest of our #challenge15 hall of fame for challenge inspiration, fundraising tips, and to find out how #TeamSands will be completing their challenges!

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Your names: Chloe Fletcher, Hannah Dorrity and Jenna Veron

What are you doing to complete your #challenge15? We have completed #Challenge15 by walking 15 miles around the Island of Guernsey, our home.

Why are you taking part in #challenge15? We decided to take on the challenge in memory of our children, Jake, Daphne & Oliver, in celebration of their upcoming 2nd birthdays. The charity has and continues to support us though our life changing experience of losing our children.  We experienced our losses in 2016 within a few months of each other and reached out to one another for support.

What are your top tips for fundraising? We shared our JustGiving page via Facebook and Instagram and we are completely overwhelmed with the generosity.

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