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The Fundraising Team, Sands | 23 January 2018

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Names: Carolyn Bray and James Bray (14)

Why are you taking part in #challenge15? I loved the simplicity to the Challenge15 concept, and immediately wondered what we could do. I loved that it was something I could do with my youngest son, James, so we are aiming to reach our target of £150 to help to save babies’ lives, and to ensure that the support Sands offers to families remains available.

I also wanted to get a little fitter – exercise really has fallen down the list and I’d love to be able to run a 5k again. We are doing this in memory of my daughter and James’ big sister, Rebecca. Rebecca was stillborn at full-term a year before James came along 15 years ago – somehow appropriate considering the simple yet massively important focus on the number 15. James is a great running partner and offers me enormous encouragement around the route. Running really doesn’t come naturally to me and I do struggle, but I’m absolutely determined to keep this up and hopefully at the end of the five weeks I’ll be getting round quicker and slightly more easily than I am now – oh and if I’m lucky, carrying a few less pounds too!!

What are you doing to complete your #challenge15? We are aiming to complete five of our local ParkRuns which will together be in total a little over 15miles but in addition in between work and other commitments attempt to cover 15miles each week together too.

What are your top tips for fundraising? Our top tips are to keep it engaging with your supporters. Keep letting your friends and family know what you are doing to achieve your target, with regular updates to your fundraising page, or on your social media. Or better still, both!

Share photos and even short video clips of what you are doing, in real-time, when you are doing it. Publically acknowledge and thank all the people that donate to your page, it makes them feel good and hopefully will motivate others! Keep it fun, and when you might struggle to motivate yourself to continue, remember why you are doing whatever it is you’re doing. Feel proud, that whatever you are doing, you are making a difference.

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