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The Fundraising Team, Sands | 1 February 2018

Check out the rest of our #challenge15 hall of fame for challenge inspiration, fundraising tips, and to find out how #TeamSands will be completing their challenges!

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Why are you taking part in #challenge15? We lost our daughter, Lyla, at 31 weeks. We found out her heart had stopped when we went in for reduced movement. In the dark, early days the sands site and its literature was a comfort as we knew we weren’t alone.

What are you doing to complete your #challenge15? Walking 15 miles through manor park, Wanstead and Walthamstow in a day.

What are your top tips for fundraising? Share your just giving page but also accept donations offline for you to pay in, that way people have options of how they can donate.

Online donation page:

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