A new survey, ‘Understanding why your baby died – parents’ experiences of hospital review into their care’ launches today. The anonymous survey aims to capture parents’ experiences of the hospital review into the care they received after their baby died. Even if you do not know what hospital review is we would like to hear from you.


A new hospital review process, supported by Sands, came into place across the UK, just before 2019. But is it working? Does it answer parents’ questions about why their baby died, if they have them? Are parents even told by hospital staff a review of their care is taking place?

If your baby died at any time, from January 2019 till now, after 22 weeks of pregnancy, we would like to know more about your experience in our short anonymous survey. Your feedback could help us improve care for parents.

For more information about what hospital review is click here.

Answering questions about your experience can sometimes bring up difficult memories. We are here to provide support:

• 0808 164 3332


Sands Support Facebook Group


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