Understanding why your baby died may be the most pressing question you have. 

One of the key key processes that might provide some answers is a hospital review. The hospital review – or the Perinatal Mortality Review Tool (PMRT) is done for ALL baby deaths after 22 weeks, and the only type of review done for 90% of babies. 

You have a right to be part of this review and have your questions and concerns answered. 

You might also be offered a post mortem examination for your baby. This is undertaken by a specialist known as a perinatal pathologist and tries to understand the pathological cause of death – the medical reason.  A senior health care professional should talk to you about your options for having a post mortem, dependent on when your baby died and what’s already known about their death. Only in rare cases are post-mortems undertaken without your consent.

Below are links where you can find more detailed information about both processes as well as an FAQ section.

Post mortem

Reviews and investigations

When there are delays

FAQs for bereaved parents

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