“I wish someone had told us that there was no need to rush, that we could take time to make up our minds about what would be best for us.” Dad

Our booklet Saying goodbye to your baby contains all the information that you might need in the first few hours, days and weeks after your baby has died. It covers:

  • How you might feel
  • Telling family and friends
  • Creating memories
    • Naming your baby
    • Seeing and holding your baby
    • Photographs
    • Collecting keepsakes
  • Taking your baby home
  • Deciding about a funeral
  • Certificates and registration
  • Leaving hospital – going home
  • Greif and grieving
  • Right and benefits
  • Follow-up appointments
  • The weeks and months ahead

Read or Download Saying goodbye to your baby

This booklet also forms part of our free Bereavement Support Pack that you can order from our shop or by calling our helpline.

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