Thank you for committing to raise funds to help support the work of Sands. To fundraise for us through the organisation of your own event or activity, you must agree to the following terms and conditions.  


Planning your event 

  • I Confirm that I am over the age of 18. If you are under 18, please contact for support. 
  • I Ensure I adhere to the guidance of Sands Keep it Safe, Keep it legal.  
  • I will be clear with my contacts that I am fundraising ‘in aid’ of Sands and that the activity is not organised directly by the charity.  
  • I acknowledge that Sands cannot take responsibility for any losses or harm made through my activity or liability arising from my activity. 
  • I agree to gain approval from Sands before approaching any companies, press or celebrities to support my activity. 
  • I will only use lawful means to fundraise for Sands. 
  • When fundraising for Sands, I understand that my actions will be linked to Sands and their cause. I will not bring the charity’s name into disrepute.  
  • I understand that views or information that I share when associated with Sands should be aligned with Sands values of inclusivity and anti-discrimination. 


The use of Sands logo and brand 

  • I will not use the Sands or any associated logo without first obtaining permission from Sands and will ensure all materials produced with the logo are approved by Sands.  
  • I will not change or amend that Sands logo for my fundraising activity.  


Collections and raffles 

  • I will contact Sands before conducting any raffle or lottery and comply with any guidance or insurance and legal requirements issued by Sands in connection of my event.  
  • I will secure the necessary approvals prior to undertaking street collections or collections on private property and seek guidance from Sands 
  • I will not carry out house to house collections. 


Managing funds 

  • I will ensure the safe keeping of funds raised in Sands name and that these funds are given to Sands within four weeks of my event or activity. 
  • I will ensure cheques are made payable to ‘Sands’ 


I will comply with the above rules and any further requirements about fundraising which Sands notifies me of.  

I understand that Sands may terminate my right to raise funds at any time. This might happen if Sands believe my fundraising is unsafe or may harm either another person or Sands’ reputation. 

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