We have a selection of resources for you to download that will support your fundraising. Items can also be purchased via our shop.

Further guidance and support documents can be found on our fundraising FAQ's page. 

 Please do email the team if there is anything extra we can help you with - fundraising@sands.org.uk 


preview of sweepstake document

Generic sweepstake template


Chose a topic that you would like to do your sweepstake for, ask participants for a small donation to take...

Preview of Is It Baked Answer with a questionmark covering the winning image

Is It Baked Game Answer Reveal


Finish the Is It Baked game and announce the winner by using our winner reveal sheet. Print this out and...

We also have themed resources for Golfing and Baking fundraisers. 

It is important when fundraising you adhere to the Sands Fundraising Agreement . Below are some further documents that provide hints, tips and guidance in all areas of fundraising, if you have further questions please don't hesitate to get in touch at fundraising@sands.org.uk 


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