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If you would like further information on how to sign up to the 2016 Edinburgh Marathon Festival please contact Madeleine Martin at e: fundraising@uk-sands.org or t: 0845 652 0448 or send us a message via our Facebook page.

With its fast and flat route, the Edinburgh Marathon Festival is one of the fastest in the world and a perfect choice for runners chasing a personal best! THE May edition of Runner's World magazine carried out extensive research into which of the 10 most popular marathons for UK runners were the fastest. A single comparison (like average time) could skew the results so Runner's World used 200 different comparisons to establish which was the fastest marathon and the Edinburgh Marathon came out as the fastest marathon in the UK. The course has an elevation drop of almost 40 metres. The Edinburgh Marathon Festival were also rated as the best race of any distance in Scotland in the February edition of Runner’s World magazine. It just goes to prove yet again that the Edinburgh Marathon is a must for anyone looking for a PB or just looking for a great race.