Now more than ever Sands is here to support all staff working in the NHS.

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on both bereaved parents and NHS staff.  

Sands is here to support all staff working in the NHS. We are experts in supporting healthcare professionals to respond to, and cope with, bereavement.

If you are working in the NHS, we have lots of support, online resources and training to help equip you with the confidence and skills to care for families when the worst happens. 

When NHS staff are well supported, bereaved families are well supported.

Please see the support we offer listed below.

Our support, resources and guidance for NHS staff


Bereavement support services

Our bereavement support team is here for anyone affected by the death of a baby, including professionals and can be contacted by telephone, email and social media. Find out about how to access our support services here

Accredited bereavement care training for professionals

COVID-19 means our face-to-face training is postponed, so we have adapted our training into a series of free webinars focusing on how best to support parents and families when a baby dies. Read more about the content and sign-up here where you can also express an interest in arranging face to face training  once it’s up and running again in future . 

Sands memory boxes

Our free memory boxes are a fundamental evidence-based tool for professionals to deliver good bereavement care. They help families to establish a positive connection with their babies and start forging a parental bond that will endure after saying goodbye. Read more about Sands memory boxes and order them free of charge here.

The Sands Bereavement Support App 

This app aims to help bereaved parents and families to find the right information and support at the right time. The app can also be used by healthcare professionals, who would like to know how best to support bereaved parents and their families.  

The Sands Bereavement Support Book

Designed to guide families through this most difficult of times, our bereavement support book is available to download free and is also a useful reference for professionals. 

Communication tips for healthcare professionals

Good communication can’t take away the pain parents and families feel but it can reduce the impact of trauma, both in the short and long term. Download our guide on sensitive and empathetic communication here.

The National Bereavement Care Pathway (NBCP)

Sands leads the NBCP which provides health care professionals with frameworks, tools and educational resources (including free e-learning modules) to support excellent care following pregnancy loss or the death of a baby. Visit NBCP, England. Visit NBCP, Scotland.

Local Sands Groups

Our groups are not meeting person at present, due to the restrictions around COVID-19, but many are holding virtual meetings and still available for professionals to refer families on to. Find your local group here.

Sands professionals e-bulletin

We send out a regular e-bulletin for professionals including news and updates from Sands and others. See previous issue and sign up here. 

Sands Support for Hospitals

Download our PDF outlining all the ways we work with hospitals here.

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