We understand that grieving in these difficult times comes with additional challenges and stresses.

We know that if you are working within the NHS to support bereaved  families, that this will also be a very challenging time.

Sands is a safe space for you to grieve and to find support, whether you are a parent, sibling, grandparent, NHS professional or friend.

Our helpline is open from 10am to 3.30pm Monday to Friday and 6pm to 9pm Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

The telephone helpline is free to call from landlines and mobiles on 0808 164 3332.

The helpline team can also be contacted at helpline@sands.org.uk or you can send us a private message via the Sands Facebook page.


For families

  • You may be struggling to understand funeral arrangements and not being able to remember your baby in the way you had hoped whilst the current restrictions are in place
  • The heartbreak of not having wider family and friends with you in hospital or able to meet your baby may feel just too much 
  • You may find not being able to meet face-to-face with other bereaved parents for support very challenging 
  • As friends and relatives who frequently immerse themselves in to fundraising as something they can do to help and make a difference, that this might feel difficult at the moment

Our Bereavement Support Services Team is here to listen and support you and your families and friends.

Our support services include an Online Community and new Sands Facebook Support Group where you can meet and chat with other bereaved families.

For more information about how changes due to Covid-19 impact on maternity care, visit sands.org.uk/covid-pregnancy

For more information about how changes due to Covid-19 impact on bereaved families, visit sands.org.uk/covid-changes-bereaved-families

We also offer Grief Chat service where you can chat directly to a specially trained bereavement counsellor.

Our helpline is able to respond via email and Facebook messenger if this is an easier way for you to access support.

Our fundraising team is here to help if you are feeling that you need to be able to do something to make a difference to friends and family who are currently going through one of the hardest times of their lives.

For NHS professionals, Funeral Directors, key workers

Everyone at Sands is here to support you and we want to help. Thank you for all the vital work you are currently undertaking, which is made even more challenging by the current situation.

  • You may find your role is more challenging than usual and feel that you need to talk things through with people who can offer support.
  • Anxieties about working and caring for your family. You may need current information on baby funerals, birth registration and our support provision, so that you can help families at this challenging time – or would like to share examples of best practice in responding to the current situation.
  • We can advise on how to provide excellent bereavement care in hospitals when the usual guidelines and options available parents are constantly changing.
  • We can make sure you have the most up-to-date versions of official guidelines for pregnant women during the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • We are working with researchers and our partners to understand the impact of COVID-19 in relation to pregnancy and will continue to update our website with the latest information.
  • Bereavement in the context of baby loss may be a new area for you – this short e-lfh video will help you find the words to say and to help you support bereaved families at this time.

For advice and resources on bereavement care during COVID-19, visit sands.org.uk/covid-19-bereavement-care

Our helpline is able to respond via email and Facebook messenger if this is an easier way for you to access support. If you need a safe space to talk, or message, whichever field you are working in, we would be happy to listen. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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