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Janey R, | 1 June 2023

Bereavement support and saving babies’ lives is at the heart of everything we do. We achieve this by standing together and supporting one another. In our 44 years, we have built a collaborative, compassionate and diverse community that we are extremely proud of.

We would like you to step into our community and explore how we support anyone affected by pregnancy loss or the death of a baby, no matter how long ago. How we offer reassurance, confidential support, information, and practical help. Our Sands community is vital lifeline and together, we support bereaved families, and we save babies' lives.

Here are some of the remarkable ways the Sands community support bereaved families and save babies' lives... and who knows, you may just find a role just for you.

Volunteers and Befrienders

Sands has a network of amazing befrienders across the UK, supporting families who have lost a baby. The reassurance of talking to someone who has been affected by baby loss is invaluable, and we are very proud of the volunteers and befrienders who are there for bereaved families.

I found myself on the phone to a woman whose baby, like mine, had died. “Tell me about your baby,” she said, and I poured my heart out to a perfect stranger with whom I felt an instant connection.

Bereaved mum


Our fabulous fundraisers put the 'fun' into fundraising, at work, at home, or in their communities. Whether they are raising 'dough' at a bake sale, leaping out of an airplane with friends, or going the distance in a challenging event, our fundraisers are unstoppable!

Running has been a huge help to us as we grieve and although I am by no means a runner, this helped me both mentally and physically to get through this process of grief. We were also pleased to have been able to raise over £10,000 to support Sands in helping save babies’ lives!

Chey, bereaved mum

Sands United players

Our wonderful Sands United teams offer a unique way for dads and other bereaved family members to come together through a shared love of sport and find a support network where they can feel at ease to talk about their grief.

Sands United has given me hundreds of brothers around the country that I did not know I had… Guys who I can reach out to when I’m having a tough day and will pick me back up.

Peter, Sands United player


Our kind knitters create blankets for our memory boxes, which contain precious keepsakes for bereaved families to cherish for years to come. 

We received a memory box from Sands following our son’s death, which has been a beautiful tribute to him. 



Our determined campaigners raise awareness of the issues relating to stillbirth and neonatal death. They will email their MPs; they help us with research and evidence and enable us to hold the government to account. 

…it’s vital that more is done to find out why babies from minority ethnic and socio-economically deprived backgrounds are at

higher risk of dying before, during, or shortly after birth. Clearly there is a complex mix of risk factors…”

Ksavi Joshi, Sands Ambassador


And every penny that is donated to Sands makes a huge difference and allows us to plan for essential projects and help provide all the services we offer.

Sands really struck me as an amazing charity that helps those in the most challenging circumstances. I am a mother, I have not suffered loss, but it is the reason why I know the pain would be so unbearable.


All these incredible roles within our community keep us connected. Together, we help support bereaved families and save babies’ lives. Quite simply, we could not be Sands if we did not have our community. We would like to thank our Sands community for everything you do. And if you are reading this and not yet part of our community, there is a role you can play in supporting anyone affected by baby loss and helping us save babies’ lives. We look forward to welcoming you!

If you need bereavement support our team is here for you, always. We have a range of ways to get in touch.

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